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The Secure Server that feels like the Cloud

Completely worry-free online teamwork with secured data kept on your premises: uSpace shares, synchronises and backs up documents, it breathes new life into online collaboration with emails, (video) chat, (team) calendars, (team) contacts, online office, and way more!

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welcome to uniki

Getting rid of technology frustration and concerns over data security is long overdue. Simplicity and security are often considered as opposites. We’ve finally brought extreme ease of use and maximum data security under one roof; yours! We hope you’ll enjoy our solution.
- Matthias Bollwein, CEO Uniki GmbH

no ordinary server

MaximuM Security

Feel safe:
uSpace uses the most modern encryption techniques to store and transmit data and files.
It’s unique, but much more important, no-one other than you can access it, and that even includes us, the manufacturers!


Even with complete data sovereignty uSpace still feels as easy to use as a cloud app. It configures itself as soon as you plug it in, it provides its own Security certificates. Complicated is yesterday’s news.

reliable & Fast

Purpose built for the job uSpace is faster and more reliable than comparable servers and gives you; Configurable synchronization schemes, redundant storage, automatic backups, versioning and copy-on-write data integrity.


Not just another NAS, but your own personal cloud: mail server, calendar and contact synchronization via Exchange, online office, (video) chat, project management and way more!

Quality & Design

This is no plastic NAS box: Designed and engineered in Germany, the solid aluminium housing makes uSpace not only an eye-catcher, but also ensures silent, passive cooling without annoying fan noise

Best-in-Class Support

No call overseas call centre, no waiting lines. Real people, simple answers. Our support contracts guarantee fast support without complication or hassle. 

Try out the simplest secure server in the world!

We offer a 30-day trial to see if uSpace is the solution for you.

Only uSpace keeps your data                         
where you need it and always available

uSpace makes your documents, media, communications, and applications available to your entire team, anytime, anywhere, while keeping them where they belong: under YOUR control!

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uSpace is
Online Teamwork

uSpace is 
A data vault

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No-Compromise data security

Security has many aspects, because the dangers to your data are so diverse. We designed uSpace to have an answer for everything and to give you cloud simplicity without compromising privacy and protecting your data.

Our 9-Step security protects against all known threats: accidental deletion, blackmail Trojans, sabotage and malware, espionage and data theft, hardware failure, disaster and data aging.
- Roman Leuprecht, CTO Uniki GmbH

uSpace is
The secure alternative to “the cloud”

Like cloud services (Dropbox etc.), uSpace is flexible and easy to use, and available wherever you have internet access. But with uSpace, your data and user accounts are in one central location, under your control.

uSpace is
Much more than a NAS

NAS (Network Attached Storage) can lead to significant security exposure when used over the internet. uSpace is purpose built from the outset for secure online collaboration. It meets the highest security and performance standards. Security is built in not bolted on!

uSpace is
The World’s Simplest Server

uSpace is no ordinary server. uSpace doesn’t need any configuration. Just plug uSpace into your router, register your desired domain with Uniki – you’re done! You don’t need any specialist knowledge to use uSpace, just access it from your bowser like a cloud service, except it’s your private and secure cloud service. With uSpace you can be sure your documents, communications and are available wherever you are and they’re always send and stored securely. You can even install and use new applications from your smartphone, just with one click! Concentrate on getting your work done – put an end to techno-fatigue.

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new feature
Simultaneous Document Editing

uSpace doesn’t just use the fastest most reliable protocol to automatically synchronise the latest changes to local documents, it also lets two people edit a document at the same time. Realtime teamwork!

new feature
Private mail server with Exchange

Why worry about mail suppliers having access to your e-mail communications? uSpace gives you a personal mail server with all the benefits of the Exchange protocol; emails, contact, and calendars are reliable synchronised across all devices.

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Stay up to date with security issues and offers with Uniki! We’re a security company so we’ll never pass your address to anyone else, and we won’t pester you with too much information.