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No-Compromise data security

Security has many aspects, because the dangers to your data are so diverse. We designed uSpace to have an answer for everything and to give you cloud simplicity without compromising privacy and protecting your data.

Our 9-Step-Security protects against all known threats: accidental deletion, blackmail Trojans, sabotage and malware, espionage and data theft, hardware failure, disaster and data aging.

9 steps to maximum security

Encrypted Storage

uSpace automatically stores all data encrypted. But we do it using the user’s password and not a key that’s bound to the system. It’s very bit as secure, but it means that data is recoverable if the system needs changing, and they key isn’t available to us as a manufacturer.

Encrypted Transmission

All connections to and from uSpace are encrypted. Unlike many on-line NAS devices, uSpace uses real end-to-end encryption with nothing ending up visible on our servers. So even we don’t have access to your information. Private means Private!

no backdoors

Many NAS devices and servers have glaring security holes with hidden backdoors and system passwords left behind by the manufacturer. uSpace has no backdoors! Keys are self-generated only when it’s turned on, on your premises.

redundant storage

All uSpace models protect your data through a RAID storage system. Data is stored redundantly across several hard disks. In the event of a hard drive failure, the system can continue to run normally and it immediately notifies you that a disk should be replaced.


The uSpace Copy-On-Write file system guarantees the integrity of the data at the point that it is written and automatically detects and cleans errors, such Aging over time (Data Rot).


System Integrity protection

uSpace’s data encryption means stealing a disk doesn’t give access to data. But what about a hacker modifying the systems to gain access or steal passwords? Not with uSpace, the operating system is also encrypted and won’t start if modified by a malefactor.

off-site BACKUP

We sometimes get asked; what if my premises burn down along with my uSpace? Well, your data should be the least of your problems. uSpace can make encrypted backups to remote locations and easily be restored to a new device.

AUTOMATIC versioning

Accidentally overwritten a file? Or has a blackmail Trojan encrypted all your data? No problem, uSpace is a time machine! It records and tracks all changes independently and lets you go back in time to a good copy.

Central Updates

The cloud and large data centres have a theoretical advantage: all servers are kept up-to-date centrally and can be managed centrally. Your private server can do that too! uSpace is centrally supported with security updates and optimal security configurations.

Try out the simplest secure server in the world!

We offer a 30-day trial to see if uSpace is the solution for you.