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The best tools for easy online collaboration in the safest environment

Put an end to the chaos of multiple passwords and techno fatigue! uSpace unifies all the tools you need for 21st Century teamwork in one place with one password and centralised management.

Secure file management


Files and folders can be reliably and securely managed, shared and synchronized with the pre-installed “Seafile” file server

Upload and download files and folders   

Share with other users or groups   

Share files and folders via link   

Reliable synchronization of folders on devices   

Optional password protection for shared links and libraries   

Restore previous versions (history)   

Siumultaneous editing of Word-, Excel- and       

Online viewing of photos and PDF files   

Odoo text and image block
Odoo image and text block

Email Server, Contacts & Calendar


Contact lists and calendars are highly sensitive data. With the pre-installed "Kopano" groupware emails, contacts and calendars can be synchronized and shared inside the team and to selected external trusted users.

Kopano uses the fast and reliable Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol to synchronise with all smartphones and to make the most of programs such as Outlook 2016.

Chat and Conferencing (inc. Video)


Finally, easy to use secure chat. With RocketChat you get the ease of use of apps such as WhatsApp and Slack but it’s secure on your own server.

RocketChat has rich functionality:

One-to-One, Group chat and open channel   

High quality video conferencing with multiple participants   

Purpose built apps for smartphones, tablets,       
on PC, Mac and Linux   

Integration with other apps such as social Networks or Git.   

Live chat with customers on your homepage   

ERP, CRM, website builder and online shop


Odoo is the turbocharger for every business. No matter if you want to get your start-up to market lightning fast, set up an online shop, digitize your bookkeeping or manage your projects: Odoo has the right module for everything and all modules work seamlessly together in uSpace.

   Customer Relationship Management and Sales Pipeline
   Accounting, Finance and Inventory Management
    Website Building tool
       Online shop with payment integration and billing
   Blog, forum, presentations and surveys
   Project management, calendar and attendance
   ... and much more!

Social network for organizations


The free, private and extensive alternative to Facebook. Create your own social network, social intranet or a complete social enterprise solution that can be fully customized to your needs.

Enhance your businesses impact, provide individual support to your customers, teach your students, or organize a football club.

It's up to you!

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Team Collaboration & Project Management

Atlassian JIRA

Collaboration should be agile. With JIRA you always have an overview of your personal and business projects. No matter how your team works, be it simple task management, agile methodology, Kanban, or classic, JIRA can help you keep projects on track and your customer targets met.

Source Code Management & Documentation

Atlassian Bitbucket

If you’re a software developer there’s a new home for your source code: Bitbucket. Self-hosted Git and Mercurial easier than ever. With a clear web interface, you have everything in view and can manage pull requests and branches with just a few clicks. And with GIT Large File System (GIT LFS), you can easily version even large data sets. And you’re doing it on a server you control but don’t worry about having to maintain.

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Odoo image and text block



The most popular e-commerce solution in the world, free and installed with just one click on uSpace!
Magento is used by some of the world's most famous brands.
Create an online store and easily manage your products on Amazon or Ebay.
Increase sales and reduce costs, simply and securely!